It is your responsibility to read about my shooting limits before booking me. Make sure to read until the end of the page. 

I have been booked by beginners who selected me as their first photoshoot experience, to highly experienced world famous photographers- in short, your level of experience does not matter, I would love to work with you! With every project I adapt my style. No creative idea is too unusual- I have worked on an eclectic variety of projects, such as having a  gold plated sculpture moulded from my body, shooting with an albino peacock and working with Victorian wet plate.


I am a conscientious person- my goal is for you to leave feeling satisfied I helped you achieve your artistic vision.

Please appreciate that I am a professional model, this is not a hobby- so I only work for pay and travel expenses.

To speed up the booking process it is helpful for you to send in your message: 

  1. Photoshoot style+ a link to your work 

  2. Potential shoot dates (I can often book more than one shoot a day) and if you need natural light.

  3. Photoshoot length

  4. Potential photoshoot locations

  5. Important! Let me know if you need me to bring any clothing or specific make up or I will not bring anything. My measurements can be viewed on this page if needed for a stylist. 

Then I will let you know my rates!

Shooting Limits:​
  • Highest level: art nude

  • No: fetishwork, cosplay, photos created for the purpose of titillation rather than artistic merit (such as page 3 UK glamour), photos with a political or potentially offensive message, nude video-work, erotic nude shoots with other models- before I agree to shoot nude with another model we must discuss the photoshoot concepts. 


Other Limits:

Most of what is in this list will be common sense to professional photographers, yet as I have had recurring issues during photoshoots, I have felt it is worth compiling a short list. 


  • Be professional:  Do not touch me at all whilst I am modelling. If you need to physically reposition me, ask permission each time before you touch me. 

  • Consider my safety and health: Take me to safe locations- if the location is derelict, make sure I will not fall through floorboards and the ceilings won’t fall on me. Do not make me do anything that might endanger me. Please keep the studio warm so I do not get ill. I do not shoot nude outdoors in winter- if we are shooting at another time of year and it is cold, I may need occasional breaks indoors. 

  • Appreciate that my skin is part of the product I am selling: Asking me to lie in thorns, walk through nettles, run across broken glass, mean I run the risk of arriving at a photoshoot the next day with a body that will take hours in post processing for the photographer to make blemish free. If we are shooting outdoors in a forest with insects that might bite,  tell me in advance so I can prepare with bug spray.

  • Pay the full shoot fee+ travel expenses if you cancel within 24 hours: I have never cancelled on a photographer. In cases where I was late and the photographer was unable to adjust the shoot time, I reduced the shoot fees. Similarly, I deserve the same level of respect: if you cancel within 48 hours of the photoshoot, you must pay the full shoot fee, and travel expenses if I have already paid for travel.

  • Do not go over the shoot time:  I often allow fifteen minutes before we begin taking photos- to discuss photoshoot concepts,  or organise any other shoot preparations (if I am not restricted by time restraints and have to rush off to another shoot- I will let you know if this is the case). However, unless we have discussed otherwise,  I will only be available to you for the time we have booked. I will charge you for longer if you go overtime.

Feel free to read the testimonials in the link at the top, and if you are interested in working with me, send me an email to

I appreciate the time taken to read my booking information- it helps to speed things up if we are on the same page. 

My Online Profiles:





Model Mayhem

Model Society

Model Kartei


  • Bust: 34C

  • Waist: 26

  • Hips: 34

  • Height: 5'7" tall

  • UK dress size: 6

  • UK shoe size 6

  • Eye colour: brown

  • Hair: dark brown, waist length

  • Skin: Olive

  • Tattoos: None

  • Piercings: single earlobe piercing in each ear

  • Body hair: trimmed pubic hair

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