Below are a few examples of references left for me by photographers- many more can be found on my Purpleport and Model Mayhem profiles.

Alexander Kharlamov:

Shooting Mia was inspirational. She is an exquisite human being, soft spoken, polite and beautiful.

I was amazed by how natural Mia was through the whole session. It is very rare to find models posing for nudes as relaxed and confident as she is.

Being easy to direct, building up compositions and making images is painless. Since I still shoot on film, my workflow is slow and models need to hold poses for longer exposures. Mia was more patient than I am.

Mia is one of these models that I would love to be able to shoot over and over for the following years. I would selfishly not recommend Mia to anybody in hopes of keeping her all to myself - but, it would not be fair, since she is amazing and will certainly help most of you creating good art.


Nico Westlicht:

Mia is not only an enchanting model, but also a passionate person: one really sees how she really enjoys what she does, and how much effort she puts to make a picture strike.

We built such a strong creative connection that we agreed upon meeting one day and ended up meeting for 3 consecutive days 

I’m amazed by the results we have achieved together, and one of our pictures got published on Vogue Italia.

I wish to have more chances to work with her and I warmly recommend her to any photographer!

Chris Cook:

What an absolute wonder, Mia is just brilliant to work with, shooting was an absolute breeze and a total pleasure.

Mia is definitely one of those models that truly gets it, understands how to pose, how to adapt and that trying ideas out is all part of the creative process, and she certainly puts int he effort and helps get the absolute most out of any ideas and shots. She bounces ideas about with ease, listens to any instruction really well and just works it, an absolute delight from beginning to end. She's also incredibly intelligent and friendly, and also humble, so a beautiful person through and through. I am utterly delighted with the results from the day and cannot wait to arrange to shoot with her again!


Peter Suschitzky:

I just worked with Mia Liberum and the experience was one of the very best I can recall for along with her natural, touching beauty, she brought a dedication to the short work in hand with a natural grace and creativity. Mia is also extremely intelligent and sensitive so all in all it was a joy to work with her,and I can only hope to meet her again and to have the chance to do some more work together.


It was one of the best experiences I have had shooting with Mia. All the previous reviews provide are dead on accurate. Great person, soft spoken, very creative, poses well, intelligent, hard working and just wonderful. I can't wait to work with her again and quite frankly already thinking of the next shoot. Thanks Mia for the wonderful experience.


Struggling for the right words, but they basically all amount to "HELL YES I would recommend Mia Liberum!!!!!"

Mia was an absolute delight. I just wish we'd had more mucking about time on the day, but we were fighting the fading light and the shoot was so fast paced and technical. I really hope we get another chance!

Mia turned up and turned it on straight away, delivered more than my expectations and was just generally bad ass!

As I'm editing I keep smiling to myself at how good she was, A rare thing!

One shoot won't be enough - you've been warned.

Frank von Mars: 

Mia is magical. She is not just a superb model, she is an inspiration. You want to stop the time when you are working with Mia.

Friendly, professional, extremely polite, creative, intelligent, exquisite... She is a natural talent.


I can't recommend her enough.

Second reference:

I had my second shoot with Mia yesterday.

Like the first time it was a total joy to work with her. Generous, hard-working, intelligent, radiant, funny... She wears her beautiful soul in her smile.

Working with Mia is one of the best experiences you can have as a photographer. Don't miss it!.


I knew she looked incredible on camera, but little did I imagine what an absolute sweetheart she would be. What a pleasure to shoot someone so flawless and easy on the cameras eye. It's pretty hard to get a bad shot- make sure you have plenty of space on your cf cards thats all I'm saying!

Wonderful lady. Wonderful shoot. Here's to many many more!

ArtHeart Unlimited:

The first word that springs to mind is enigmatic followed closely by eclectic. Mia is incredibly creative and understands Art.


This young lady is professional beyond her years and her demeanour is that of quiet confidence, she is compliant and has an appreiation of aesthetics .

For the best part of two days we worked on our ongoing project .. long arduous hours without a whimper or complaint. Mia is dedicated and 100% committed to whatever 'you' are trying to capture. She is intelligent and her philosophy on nude art is focused and extremely well grounded . Take the time to study her thoughts as written in her makes sense !


The assignment we set her was 'off the wall' to say the least yet she embraced the task with fascination and enthusiasm . This particular project is not a photographic piece and we chose Mia especially for her unique physicality. Within her there is strength and a passion which exudes from every pore of her very being and wow this lady has 'soul' !


We recommend her highly without reservation and offer her our deepest thanks for her attendance . 


Second reference:

If one were to measure models by depth then Mia is as deep as as deep as the Mariana Trench.


Indeed she has hidden depths and is fearless in her exploration of them. For one so young she has intellect far beyond her years matched with the ability to back it up.

Having worked with Mia previously I have been fortunate enough to engage her once more.


Last time the assignment was focused primarily on non photographic work and she threw herself into the project wholeheartedly.

This time the dictate was image orientated albeit not in the traditional sense insofar as we worked in the moving image genre. Yet again Mia exceeded expectations and applied herself with genuine enthusiasm and sincere interest. The results are extraordinary and her input was as important as the original concept.

The results have exceeded my expectations and provided me with material I only dreamt about.

Working with her is as fascinating as undertaking a journey to unknown places.

A busy model so book her well in advance will find she's worth the wait .


100% recommendation with not even the slighted caveat.


Heartfelt thanks


Brian Harris:

Mia has been at the top of my “must shoot” list for some time, I have long admired her work, especially the way she manages to keep anonymous throughout and make it interesting at the same time (not easy). However recently she has decided to go 100%, which opens up many other options for both model and photographer.


Mia is naturally artistic not only in her effortless posing and her demeanour in general, but more importantly from her heart, from within! Mia has an incredible physique and is very body confident, she know what works and how to make it work.


As a photographer, I always try and achieve the perfect combination of light and shadows, shooting with Mia this was achieved countless times on both and digital and analogue film. Shooting with a model of this calibre allowed me concentrate on the lighting and getting it right in camera. The final results will speak for themselves but I am very very pleased of what we have achieved pre-post.


Mia is a pure joy to work with, she has a lovely personality and a genuine interest in photography. I will be booking Mia again in the near future, this time I would probably look to do the whole shoot on analogue film.


A highly recommend individual, book her – but respect her !



I thank the Lord that one day, a few weeks ago, I reacted to the casting posted by a British model with a strange name....Mia Liberum. We had very nice  contact when we were making the appointment and the rules of the shoot. I had full confidence that the shoot would be a success....and it was a success in all of its aspects. Mia is a lovely person, very sweet and kind, very communicative, and on top that very intelligent. During the shoot she was a dream to work with and my pictures will prove that. I found my Muse!

Thanks sweet Mia, hope to meet you very soon for a next shoot.


Erik te Nijenhuis:

Last week I finally had the opportunity to host, meet and work together with Mia. And I felt really privileged that we could just meet before her break due to her studies. Mia is a total delight to work with and the most lovely and wonderful guest to host. My cat Sammy fully agrees with that!

We had chosen to do some studio work. In a highly relaxed atmosphere we produced some rather satisfying work, both Pola’s as digital. Already at our debut we worked as an efficient and total in sync team. And that’s clearly visible in the results! Mia is a beautiful human being and a more than terrific and professional model! Highly recommended!

Looking forward to continue our creative journey in the future. Already counting days!

Mia, thanks again for crossing my path and visiting my place!


Mia is an astonishingly accomplished, confident and talented model. I found Mia an absolute delight to work with very willing to take direction but also wonderfully capable of producing some very beautiful, graceful and elegant poses. The fluidity in the way Mia moves from one pose to the next is superb and she has an almost telepathic ability to sense what I had in mind. Mia is unafraid to try various poses and after looking at a photographic journal at hand was keen to create a pose shown in one of the pictures, successfully I would add.


Mia is intelligent and has a lovely, warm and considerate personality with whom it was a genuine delight to talk and work with and I hope to do so again as soon as possible.


In addition pre-shoot communications were superb.



Mia is witty, smart and simply fantastic. I was lucky enough to work with her at my home studio last week. She arrived promptly and quickly adjusted herself to the working state. During shoots, she was always polite and amenable to follow instructions while she also had her own initiative, which was a genuine inspiration. I would definitely recommend her to many but also secretly wish her not too busy. So she won't become too difficult to find.

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